Gora Web Series (2022) Hoichoi Series: Cast, Crew, Release Date, Story, Bengali Web Series


This time web series is going to be released on online audit platform and with it a Bengali web series Ghora web series has been released.The Indian web series has been released in Bengali on Hoichoi app starring Ritwick in the lead roles ishaa Saha and Payel Dev Ananya  Sen and Suhotra Mukhopadhyay Gora Web Series is going to be released in Hoichoi app with January 2022 The web series is directed by Sayantan Ghosal 

Gora Web Series Story

At the very beginning of The Gora Web Series you will see that three people have been murdered and all three are writers. Private Detective have come to the Gora Police officer who played a character in this web series. The web series is played by a police detective, and the web series has fun that you would love to see, The first in the series is shown in the Bangla web series in the character of a girl who tells herself that I can be forced to kill and there is a story about it and in it three writers are killed and the detective police to investigate and he continues to investigate

Gora will have to rearrange to keep this series going. Gora's concluding rhetoric on who or what the real killer is is not so intense. The whole story, with its hints of collective murder, seems to be more complicated and beyond argument, just "gossip"!

Gora Web Series Trailer

The Gora Web Series will be streaming on Hoichoi App and you can watch this Web Series Hoichoi App  Download the Hoichoi  from the Play Store and you can get the Hoichoi Prime subscription which you can watch on any web series in any language web series you will find on Hoichoi Prime app

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