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Uttoron Web Series Review 

This series has matched with its lead actress! Literally! The series starts to get better from the second part of the 6th episode of the 6th episode, with Madhumita's performance and it lasts till the end. The problem is that the series has not been aired for 5 and a half episodes till then. Why say:

Its story is very important and deep. Really our society is where an MMS can make a girl's life hell. But this is the story, the pain has been shown, but its treatment has been filled with melodrama like any other series or TV serial. The question then is what is the need of web / OTT platform!

I knew Madhumita was acting badly. But so bad! The pain of the fox did not come out. I don't understand half of the dialogue. Rajdeep, Swastika's performance and did not catch the eye. Rather, Shawn has done well in the role of Nilark.

And the worst part is the script! So much fun! Shit! There is no line to shake. Disgusting.

Lusley based on 'Battala'. Absolutely not justified.

The total length of the series is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I don't understand what would be wrong if it was a movie, especially where there is no "high point" when moving from one episode to another. The characters are very one dimensional. Expect more from a series with character depth. But it could not be done because the length was so short.

You can check it out if you have a subscription, but Hoichoi should bring some innovation in filmmaking as well as raising important issues.


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